October 22, 2020

As long as I do something for my blog.

 I've had some challenges with managing a blog, keeping up with everything I need to do for a blog. It seems like there isn't enough time to get everything done to have a successful blog.

Finding a few minutes a day to sit down write down some blog ideas to write about in the niche I"m currently in, between all the other things I have to do. Sometimes my blog takes the back seat.

As long as I do something for my blog, I will be ok.  I'm sitting down reading my selected book I choose for my review, as the laundry is being done.   Taking notes on what I have read while the dishwasher is running. 

As I'm designing, the next printable while I'm vacuuming the entire house.   As long as I do something for my blog?  I'm not perfect when it comes to running a blog, everything that comes with it. As long I do something for my blog, As 

A Few minutes into my day I sit down and check emails, along with working on a budget to balance my finances.

I'm not neglecting my family and their needs. As long as I do something for my blog. If it takes the time to work on a blog post to be published at a later date or scheduling a post on the different social media platforms.

As long as I do something for my blog, being consistent in making the necessary updates to help you be more visible on the search engines for your success. 

October 18, 2020

How committed are you with your blog

We need to talk about the success of your blog.  One of the biggest parts of your success is coming from the level of commitment you have to write amazing content, along with the collaboration with others that have similar interests.

If you are reading this, and you're understanding the words, along with the facts. You realize your role as a blogger, Nurturing the commitment, that goes along with running a blog, And how much hard work that goes into maintaining a blog,  Of being consistent, in promoting your blog on social media platforms, and dedication to a blog, depends on your success.

I'm here to give you these tools along with the insight on how you can build your commitment. This is a harsh reality.

The level of commitment to your blog starts with you.  Asked you're this question, How committed are you?

Do you see yourself as a blogger full time or a hobbyist blogger? Just at part-time blogger, yet you are wanting to be successful.

So if you are committed to your goals, your vision, and the purpose had in the first place.  If it's a project that you are working on or a course that you're creating you have to be personal commotion to it. 

a key factor that goes along with this. 

1. You actually need to be committed.

2.  Others need to reckiness and see the commitment

So how committed are you?  Are you willing to put in the hours,? And do what is expected to do for your blog.

Do you believe in the mission you created for your blog?

Do you believe in the potential of your blog's success?

So how much does it matter to you to be successful?

Having a clear picture along with the answers to these questions is a critical part of the success you had in mind for your blog. 

The good news is if you're committed to your blog, it makes it a whole lot easier to manage every task you're doing for your blog.

So if you didn't have the commitment in the past you have some work to do.  Make sure the commitment is there for your blog in the smaller areas,  In large ways, you will see an increase in traffic,  Along with the pageviews, and so much more.  Your blog will grow, along with the brand that you have created too. 

One of the best ways is to show your commitment to the success your blog would have. 

October 16, 2020

The Undomestic Goddess

She was a workaholic, Attorney, Samatha Sweeting has done the unthinkable thing. She made a huge mistake, that has recked her chances to become a partnership, going utterly into a meltdown, as she walked out of her London office, to catch a train, to end up in the middle of nowhere.

The asking question wasn't her strong point, as this beautiful big house,  She was mistaken to be one of their own interviewees, And found herself being offered a job as a housekeeper. Her employer had no idea they hired a Lawyer- and Samatha had no idea how to work even they oven.

She could even sew a button on a shirt, and how to make baked potatoes, figuring out how to even open an ironing board.  How she took a deep breath and begin to cope with everything.

And find love is a delicious story as a piece of baked bread.  But her old life has caught up to her.  And if it does, will she come back from this.  

The undomestic goddess is one of the funnies, with a touch of the sweetest book, the author is a whiz at consistently delivers what her readers crave a good read with lots of laughs. As light as Tofutti novel, you'll devour.

I found this book to be the funniest book that I ever read,  As I'm reading it, I laugh and realized that this book is a load of fun to read.  

5 stars, One of the best book that I ever read I would read this book again I would share it with others too. 

October 15, 2020

5 tips to help your blog be more visible on the search engines.

Your writing this amazing content and no one is seeing it? Unfortionaly when many new bloggers first start out.  It takes time to craft, creative, it is interesting with provoking content. It is natural for you to want so many people to read your post as possible.  It seems easy! But it isn't right. 

There might be some ways to make your blog more popular, so if you some friends that are loudspeakers, It only takes one of them to spread the word about this amazing blog you are following.  Telling people in your social network about the amazing blog that you are following. 

So if you are a loudspeaker just like your one of your friends, it only takes one person to rave and tell the world about this amazing blog your following on social media, is one of the best ways to spread the word these days. 

The more you spread the word on the different social networks to share the news of the brand new blog that you are following.   There are more opportunities for social sharing. So if you have everything figure out? Just wait one minute.

The most important factor that goes along with this. So if you are not ranking from the first few pages in the blog topic, essentially when you are not being seen.  It is saddening but true.  

1. Changing your privacy setting:

Which make your blog more visible to the different search engines, set your privacy setting open to all the search engines. 

2. Using the proper tags:

Other ways for your blog to be more visible, is by using the proper tags, These tags are used for links, photos, articles, and the recommended amount of tags.

3. updating your content regularly:

You can make blogging your regular activity.  Update content, with new events, that make the biggest flash in the world. A larger audience would be able to discover your blog. Combining this strategy along with the advantage of using the proper tags.

4. Encourage interaction:

The fourth step to get your blog more visible is to read and comment on other blogs, you get away for others to connect with your blog and their blog post.  It gives a little extra way to connect with people and for people to connect with your blog. 

5. Synchronise:

Written and amazing blog post your input synchronizes is a wonderful way to use proper tags. Great way to bring more traffic to your blog.

Implement these tips will back you more visible in the search engines also more popular as well. 

October 9, 2020

The lovers

The love between husband and wives, along with a mother and their children, They Honeyroom in the beautiful coastal village in Datca Turkey as Peter and Yvonne Were married.  Now Yvonne is a widow, her twin children grown.

Hoping to immerse herself in memories of a happier time, as well as the sea. Yvonne returns to Datca.  Her plans for the restorative week were quickly complicated. In Turkey, She wanted to comforter her, But her memories are haunting her. 

Her vacation rental's landlord and his wife who has shared a curious marital arrangement.  Became an uninvited visitor in and out.  She was feeling overwhelmed with everything that was going on with her past,  By the unexpected environment as well.

Yvonne was hanging on to a friendship with Amti is a local boy that makes his living by collecting shells.  as Amti as her guide.  She is gaining new insight into her grown children.  She can finally enjoy shimmering seas and a relaxing time on the coast of Turkey.

A devasting accident upends her delicate peace throws her life into turmoil. Her voice and psychological nature are beautiful and to celebrate, the author created a beautiful and unforgettable heroine in a mysterious landscape.

Character in this book I can relate too.  I was hoping to immerse myself in the beautiful memories of the happy times, instead quickly became complicated, As my children wanted to comfort me, but the past continues to haunt me. 

The feeling of overwhelmedness with everything that I was going on with my past. Might say the environment has something to do with it. Until one day I  was hanging on the friendship with Ethan is a writer that makes money by publishing books.

4 stars,  It was an enjoyable book I ever read. 

October 7, 2020

Breaking Bushy How to find peace & Purpose in a world of crazy.

Have you felt like a failure as you struggle in finding the balances in your life?  Do you find yourself struggling with everything you have to do?  Finding yourself succeeding very little, in a no-nonsense way?

The author tackles one of the biggest questions of finding happiness in a god-fearing way and given one god's purpose as well.  As I was reading Breaking busy it marries popular research from the field of positive and social psychology with biblical principles, installing listener confidences that they can move forward from crazy-busy to confident calm.

With her candor of the story and with the Christian worldview, Alli delivers the truth and dismantles the most common happiness myth.  As she empowers her listeners to get unstuck, letting go of the good to make room for something great. 

Letting themselves and the creator know to find that balance in this crazy world we live in.  Finding the purpose that you were dreaming about.  We have to learn how to stop chancing leaves you empty. Kick start what we are created to do. 

Identify the common problems that you believe, and how you can stripe them from your lie. As you realize by saying no and determines how you say yes. As the author models for her listeners in real-life, relationships, self-care, guidance on boundaries.

Being humble with your own mistakes and walking through to learn the steps and finding peace in a world of busyness.  So if you are yearning for a connection with yourself and your creator.  The author has deftly intelligent, humble to help discover your path.

My lifestyle in this busy world that we live in. Understand and learn how to stop empty, be able to kick start what we were created to do. And being humble to ask for help in discovering my path. 

5 stars,  I would read this book again and share it with others too. 

October 4, 2020

where or when

As Charley was reading the newspaper a photo had caught his eye.  Siana  His first love, a face that hasn't been seen for decades. As he entranced her photo flooded by so many memories and their story of there teenage summer together. 

And he uttered that he wanted to make contact with her again.  As Charley wrote Siran a letter, From the first sentence and his very first note there is nothing innocent about it.

Siran wrote back, telling him she was a poet and has a loving husband and two small children that live with her on a farm in onion Pennsylvania. She was wondering why he was looking her up after all these years, so worried where and when their correspondence may lead.

For Charley was in the mince of financial woes, losing his homes, concerned about his security and his family to The letter became an obsession, consider it another source of an unstable life.  As his life was so complicated enough.

He was desperate enough with the revelation of his power with Siana.  They had an attraction that leads them to meet again and again. As Charley understands the euro's between the two of them it's linked with time. Charley was dreading the time of urgency of time and the sense of minus together is short and numbered, he has to tell her what she has come to do before she leaves again. 

He can't waste the gesture and words he wanted to say to her.  The author takes a very old classic Romeo and Julia and gives it an unusual twist to it.  About two lovers beating the olds and reaching a lifetime to reclaim what they have lost. 

As I was reading this story I found a sense of myself in the characters, I wondered what I would lose when My life is so complicated as well.  So found the practical solutions to create a happier life for everyone to enjoy. 

5 stars, one of the best book that I ever read, I would share it with others, and I would read it again and again.